Thursday, November 3, 2011

Big Green Egg Digest 11/3/11

Wow, it's November already! Summertime barbecuing will be back with us momentarily, but in the meantime aren't you glad you can use the Big Green Egg all year round?

Can you take a Big Green Egg tailgating? Sure you can - well the Mini Green Egg anyway!Check out this video:

Not bad for a little romantic tailgate party for two....

Speaking of tailgating, Wilfred Reinke, one of our favorite bloggers has entered a recipe in the Football Nations Tailgate Recipe of The Year contest. Bacon wrapped meatballs - looks great!

Also check out this blog entry from Food and Fire on how to take advantage of your already heated grill after you have cooked your intended dish. The author cooks a steak and then has a clever idea on how to use up some chicken tenders. Our approach has been to cook dessert - baked apples or smores (with us, any excuse to make and eat desert)!

Meanwhile in twitter land:

@JJsBackYard - Happy Halloween everyone! Did anyone go as a Big Green Egg

Now we would love to see the reaction when someone opens the door to that costume!

@biggreenbistro - We’re pretty sure they were thinking about the #BigGreenEgg when they wrote “Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to eat.”

Yes, that sounds eggsactly right!

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