Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Green Egg Digest 10/27/11

Crab on the Green Egg? Yes you can! Check out this mouth watering version from one of our favorite bloggers TheBigGreenAsianEgg.

As always, nice job, Roman!

Imagine, building a large Big Green Egg in under three minutes! OK, so maybe it's the video that's under three minutes, but watch this and you may be able to assemble your Big Green Egg in under an hour as they suggest.

Meanwhile on the twitter front @TallahasseeREAL posted this:

What A House And A Big Green Egg Have In Common

Bravo, a well thought out and well written article!

And @GaryDickenson posted this:

And the chicken is done #biggreenegg it looks amazing

And then this:

OMG this is the most amazing moist chicken I've ever had. #biggreenegg

Yes Gary, it sure does look amazing and with cooking on the Big Green Egg it usually is!!

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