Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Green Egg Dealer Links

Need a Big Green Egg (or two or three)? Well, there are no authorized internet Big Green Egg Dealers (we know 'cause we read it on the Big Green Egg website - right there on the front page, no less). But fear not, there are tons of Big Green Egg Dealers of the brick and mortar variety (just don't hit your Egg on the brick on the way out of the store). And some of those dealers even have websites so that you can window shop from the comfort of your own computer.

And, wouldn't you know it, we started a list with at least one dealer in each of the 50 States! Now, that's what we call puttin' all our Eggs in one basket! We will be adding more as time permits, but if you know of any not on the list, just e-mail us their name and link.

Big Green Egg Dealer Links

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Week's Video Highlight 8/25/11

Need a little motivation to get out there and fire up the ol' BGE? Then take a quick look at this well-made video from Big Green Egg Europe. Should do the trick and maybe give you an idea or two for your next backyard party. And we love the music, too!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Our Big Green Egg

Reason 1 - Because it is Green!

Yes that lovely shade of green and the pleasing egg shape look great on our patio.

Reason 2 -  Lump Charcoal is so primal.

Those other briquettes are OK, but once you have worked with lump charcoal, there is no going back.

Reason 3 - Smoking with wood chips.

Oh all those lovely aromas and wonderful tastes. And it feels like you are connected to the earth.

Reason 4 - It bakes;  yes, really!

Pizza, bread, even pies.

Reason 5 - It sears, as in steaks.

It's got, like, gears. You can smoke at low temperatures or sear at high ones.

Reason 6 - The lid, it opens, it closes.

Covered cooking. Makes it easier not to burn things.

Reason 7 - It's cool, as in ceramic.

We still wouldn't advise putting your hand on it when it is cooking, but the ceramic stays cooler than metal.

Resason 8 - The nest has wheels - zoom!

The things we take for granted. The egg is kind of heavy, so having the nest with wheels is really handy.

Reason 9 - Accessories; love da bling!

So many extras to choose from, made just for the egg.

Reason 10 - It's cute, so says Maria!

In our household, it's gotta pass the cute test. Cause you know, a happy wife makes for a happy husband.

Why do you love your egg?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Weeks Video Highlight

This weeks video highlight is a nice overview of Kamado cookers, including the Big Green Egg, by the Grateful Griller. We think its a great overview and we like his expertise so much, that we have added his site to our links list!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cool Stuff For Hot Barbecue

We love window shopping (we love buying too, but we can afford more window shopping than we can buying). It's fun to look at the latest gadgets out there, even if it is just to envision how things could be. So we decided to share our passion (some would call it an afflicition) and create a page to showcase the cool things we run across in the barbecue world.

Check out our new Cool Stuff For Hot Barbecue page and you never know what we might come up with! And leave us a comment if you run across something you think is cool and might like to share with us.

Maria & Gary

Holy Sam Spade Batman, this looks like just the thing to get those family, friends, and neighbors to start coming to your barbecues again!

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