Monday, August 22, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Our Big Green Egg

Reason 1 - Because it is Green!

Yes that lovely shade of green and the pleasing egg shape look great on our patio.

Reason 2 -  Lump Charcoal is so primal.

Those other briquettes are OK, but once you have worked with lump charcoal, there is no going back.

Reason 3 - Smoking with wood chips.

Oh all those lovely aromas and wonderful tastes. And it feels like you are connected to the earth.

Reason 4 - It bakes;  yes, really!

Pizza, bread, even pies.

Reason 5 - It sears, as in steaks.

It's got, like, gears. You can smoke at low temperatures or sear at high ones.

Reason 6 - The lid, it opens, it closes.

Covered cooking. Makes it easier not to burn things.

Reason 7 - It's cool, as in ceramic.

We still wouldn't advise putting your hand on it when it is cooking, but the ceramic stays cooler than metal.

Resason 8 - The nest has wheels - zoom!

The things we take for granted. The egg is kind of heavy, so having the nest with wheels is really handy.

Reason 9 - Accessories; love da bling!

So many extras to choose from, made just for the egg.

Reason 10 - It's cute, so says Maria!

In our household, it's gotta pass the cute test. Cause you know, a happy wife makes for a happy husband.

Why do you love your egg?

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